Brand Strategist | Graphic & Web Designer | Speaker | Mentor | Purpose Pusher 

Soleil Meade, CEO and Founder of Soleil Branding Essentials, a leading branding & design agency that aims to revolutionize the vision, identity, and legacy of every business, organization, and community we work with across the nation while providing strategy, creativity, and functionality for optimal visibility and growth. Soleil Branding Essentials exists to bring your vision to life by enhancing your brand through graphic and web design, strategic planning and development, project management, and marketing services.

Soleil Meade, Mckeesport native, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Communication from Carlow University and a Digital Design Degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. She has been specializing in business and working in corporate for the past 18 years, serving as both the student as well as the professional. Her educational and professional experience has groomed her to thrive in areas such as brand strategy, customer service and engagement, project and event planning, mentoring, team leadership, administrative support, organization development, consulting, and public speaking. 

She is also the founder of “I Am Handpicked,” a non-profit organization that focuses on exposing and evicting issues and elevating girls and women’s purpose through mentoring, ministry, and meet-ups.The Beloved project, which provides complementary care packages for those with COVID-19, is also a shining initiative of her non-profit.
Soleil is a consultant for Mentoring Partnership of Pittsburgh, Lead Organizer for Take Action Mon Valley, and Board Member of Young Black Motivated Kings and Queens.
Most importantly, Soleil is a woman who doesn’t want to see another unfulfilled dream, inactive talent, or railroaded vision, so her life is dedicated to encouraging people to embrace the vision and purpose God placed within them.

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