• Soleil Branding Essentials exceeded my expectations! The Program Booklets for our 4th Annual Autism Awareness Month Luncheon are amazing!!!! I can’t wait to see them in print!!! Thank you Soleil for making this a wonderful experience to work with you, you are talented!!!
  • If you are looking for someone to bring your vision to reality, Soleil is the one! First Soleil created a t-shirt design, then my brand logo, my husband’s business cards, and multiple flyers to advertise events and services hosted by our church. Each design was unique and was created to capture the theme and to attract the intended target audience. As you can see, I am a returning customer, and this is because Soleil’s designs are second to none! Not only that, but Soleil is caring, patient, warm-hearted, and she has a sweet spirit. She makes the design process care-free as she works to provide a graphic design service of excellence! I highly recommend Soleil for your next branding, logo, business card, t-shirt design, or flyer advertisement needs!
  • As an artist and business woman, it was a JOY to work with Soleil Meade. She helped me created a professional but fun logo that I believe embodies who God says I am and what I pray to achieve with His calling on my life. If you are looking to work with a graphic designer who “gets it” work with Soleil. Your God-given brand will be in good hands!
  • SBE hooked up my logo! She was amazing to work with and really took feedback well! Can’t wait for my next project! Totally hiring SBE!
  • I needed a logo and I got hooked up with Soleil Branding Essentials and she did such a great job.
  • A few weeks ago I contacted Soleil to create a logo for my business. She took some information pertaining to what I was looking for and delivered a great quality and very satisfying image that I am proud to say represents my business!
  • I contacted Soleil with a hand-drawn rough draft of my business logo that I had been sitting on for months. In less than 2 weeks, she brought my “baby” to life! I am pleased beyond words with the the work of this company. From the easy to navigate website, timely fashion of getting the project complete to effectively communicating, professionally, I am extremely pleased!! The wonderful work on my logo has brought me life, thanks to Soleil Branding Essentials.
  • I have been wanting a logo for some time. Soleil was recommended and I also loved some of work her before I knew she created them. I did her questionnaire but didn’t go further. Looking at different logos and prices I was skeptical at others because no one had a questionnaire etc and you know if it’s too good to be true, it usually is. So I didn’t know what I really wanted but knew when I seen it, I would know if that was it. A lil over a year I would look into others screen shot ideas n pray nothing seemed to work out with no one. I saw her special and jumped in. The first idea I didn’t like it and told her I wanted to love it and showed her those ideas and what I liked about them. At first I was thinking I don’t want sound rude etc but then I began thinking, this is business. Be truthful and respectful. The same way you treat your customers and want them to be happy you can expect the same thing. When I told her, she went back to the drawing board and gave me options and was honest and respectful as well. Found out we had some similarities when it came to things being balanced/ even. To sum it up. I want my customers to be happy and I want to be a happy customer as well. That’s what I am a happy customer and will definitely be back and recommend her service. I also learned a lot in different ways to improve my business.