Vision Cohort

your 2021?

Visionaries, I don’t want you to leave any room for excuses in 2021.

Life will happen… YES  |  Situations will catch us off guard…YES

Your attention may be redirected for a season…YES

But having goals and a plan helps you to get back on track when the smoke clears! Plus an amazing tribe of like-minded visionaries will help motivate, encourage, and challenge you to the execution of your next vision. 

Join our 2021 Executive Vision Cohort

This is an EXCLUSIVE 12-month cohort that focuses on accountability and support for your goals that you need to excel this year!  We’ll have cohort superlatives and prizes for top goal smashers, most engaged, the overcome, and more. 

This program is only available to 2021 Executive Vision Planner holders and only a limited number of spaces are available. 

Two payment options

Monthly: $30 investment, then $30/per month 

Annual: $330 (savings of $30/one month free also 1 bonus session with Soleil) 

Group sessions are designed to review your prior week – goals, barriers,as well as plan for the next week. 

Our monthly mastermind session is designed to create a space for you to provide updates, celebrate growth, discuss needs and solutions. 

This is a space outside of our Zoom meeting space, where we can share resources, vent, ask for advice, as well as accountability reminders for maintaining your engagement with your planner.

These sessions are designed to provide each cohort member with a quarterly  1-hour personalized session around your goals, needs, progress, etc. ( 4 sessions total)