2020 Vision Planner- Sparkle


Meet Sparkle… Your bestie for 2020!

She will remain loyal as long as you remain loyal to her. Keep your plans, best kept secrets, and boss moves safe with Sparkle – your Executive Vision Planner!

The Executive Vision Planner

The Executive Vision Planner is not your typical planner. It’s your playbook—a tool that contains everything you need to plan and execute the vision in every area of your business. This planner will produce clarity and greater confidence within you,

Your Executive Vision Planner Consists of 15 focus areas:

  • 2020 Power Words
  • Goal Setting (Personal, Financial, Business, Self Care)
  • Quarterly Goal Planning
  • Monthly Goal Planning
  • Self Care Plan
  • Professional Development
  • Money Maker Goal Planning
  • The Blessing Plan ( Giving Back)
  • Social Media Engagement & Content Plan
  • Customer Engagement & Marketing Plan
  • 12 Monthly Snapshots including Power Word, Goals, Task and Project lists
  • Event Planning Guide with 6 event plan templates
  • Habit Tracker
  • Forget Me Not – Highlights and Accomplishments Tracker
  • Jots & Thoughts Journal Pages


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PAGES INCLUDED:  92 pages , wire bound

PAPER: 70LB Accent Opaque with no bleed through

SIZE: 8.5 x 11 Pages Printed in Full Color Offset Printing

DATES: Undated, Start Using at Any Time!

WORKS WITH: Weekly Execution Planner (coming soon)

Remember when we would study hard for a test in class – writing out and memorizing that one part you know will be on the test to drill it into your mind, then that moment comes and BOOM! There’s the question and guess what… you know the answer! Do you recall that feeling of confidence and excitement because YOU KNOW THIS?! That is exactly what we want you to feel with your executive vision planner. You ENGINEER.EQUIP.AND EXECUTE the vision.  And it is all held in your Executive Vision Planner.

A Message from the author

This planner exists because after several years of working full time and running my branding business on the side, I was constantly struggling with balancing all the moving pieces. I realized that so many key components needed to make my side hustle successful were missing because I didn’t have a plan for my business as a whole, I just consumed myself with doing the work. Knowing the power of planning and being intentional about life, I created this planner to help myself and others to  Engineer, Equip, and Execute  their visions.

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